At Tic Toc Nursery school, we believe in a safe holistic approach to early education, where we believe that learning through play is an essential foundation for every child.

Our class rooms are vibrant and bright and it is not unusual to find music playing in the background.

Our school is divided in three sections, each with their own class rooms and playgrounds:

Baby Centre
Grade R

In addition to the more formal early childhood education, Tic Toc also offer a variety of Extra Murals. These are conducted by third party service providers, but take place at the Tic Toc premises. These include ballet, computers, dancing, hip hop, swimming, Thrass reading, Mieke Mouse Music and many more.

Weekly baking is included at no extra charge.

Additional facilities include secure parking, a security guard and gated entrance with pin code access.

Tic Toc offer a holiday programme and have an annual year end concert.