Welcome to Tic Toc Nursery School.

At Tic Toc Nursery School we offer quality pre-school education for children from 3 months to 6 years. We aim to provide a stimulating but relaxed and secure environment in which your child can develop physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually – growing in confidence and self-esteem and acquiring the skills necessary for formal education.


In this area the child needs:

* To develop an awareness of the needs of others
* To develop communication skills.
* To be able to interact with adults.
* To be able to interact with his/her peer group.
* To be encouraged towards independence and a sense of responsibility.


In this area the child needs:

* To develop manipulative skills. 
* To be provided opportunities to gain control over his/her body. 
* To develop spatial awareness. 
* To develop hand / eye co-ordination.


In this area the child needs: 

* To develop self-esteem and a sense of achievement.
* To be encouraged to express his/her feelings.
* To be provided with a secure environment.
* To develop confidence.
* To be able to cope with fears, anxieties and difficult experiences.


In this area the child needs: 

* To be able to grasp basic mathematical and scientific concepts.
* To develop language and reasoning skills.
* To be encouraged to learn through direct experience.
* To develop concentration and listening skills.
* To develop observational skills.
* To develop creativity and use of the imagination.

This is achieved by learning through play and by providing well chosen educational materials and equipment, and a programme of themes suitable for the pre-school years. The programme is designed to meet the needs of the child at all stages of development so that he / she is well prepared to move forward to Grade 1.

Our enthusiastic, sensitive staff helps to create a warm, loving atmosphere, together with our superb facilities this forms an ideal building block in your child’s pre-primary education. 

For further information on our Policies, Fee Structure and Admissions, please view the Information page.