Happy Father's Day
Issue #5
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Monday 10th June 2019
Best mom


F - Faithful and true
A - Always there to guide you
T - Teaches you right things and to do no wrong
H - His counsels are my songs
E - Ever firm in imparting his ideals and principles
R - Ready to catch me each time I fall


School holidays

School Holidays

GDE school holidays are from 14 June to 9 July. We will be open during this period, but no formal school work will be done. We will be implementing a holiday programme.


Please note that we will be closed on Monday 17th June 2019.

Happy Youth Day!

Term 2 Reports

Reports will be issued on 14 June.

Unfortunately, no report will be given if your account has an outstanding balance.

It is our policy that teachers are not contacted on their personal phone numbers. Kindly respect and adhere to this.

pio5kBRdT (1)


This is an urgent plea for any donations of any baby clothes and blankets to assist a Mom-to-be who has fallen on hard times. Baby is due mid-June.

school concert

School Concert

Please note that a fee of R130 will be added onto your account in October. This will go towards the end of year concert.


Kindly bring in any old stockings and plastic bags, we can use them.
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Tel. 011 827 7589
Tel. 011 824 4856
Emergencies only: 082 683 3127
We will be closing for our annual break at 18h00 on Friday 13 December 2019