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Friday 8th November 2019
Concert theme
Concert dates


It's one of our favourite times of year, where we celebrate your children and their achievements.

The month of November will be filled with open lessons for extra mural activities, where parents can come watch their superstars in action.

We will also be holding our annual concerts and make special memories for our Tic Toc Graduates (27 November).

Your support means the world to us and your children and we looking forward to hosting you at all of theses functions.

Extra mural open days

Gym Buddies: Sat 9th Nov / Wed 13th Nov
Stimu Zone Computers: Tue 12th Nov
Ballet: Fri 15th Nov
Mieke Mouse Music: Mon 18th Nov
Physkids: Tues 19th Nov
Hip Hop: Wed 20th Nov
Playball: Thurs 21st & Fri 22ndNov
Dancing: Thurs 21st Nov
Phys Ed: Thurs 22nd Nov (Gr R / RR)
Swimming: 25th Nov - 29th Nov

A list of times is available in the passage.

Compulsory Programmes 2020

The following programmes will be compulsory in 2020:

Grade RR:
- PhysEd 2 Get Ahead R55 p/m (Feb - Nov)

Grade R:
- Playsport R55 p/m (Feb - Nov)
- Thrass Reading R140 p/m (Jan - Nov)
4th Term Themes
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Siyabonga Children's Home

If possible, please donate a Christmas gift to a child at Siyabonga Children's Home by taking a tag off the Christmas Tree outside. This is completely voluntary.

Help needed

Please Donate

Kindly assist us by bringing in plastic bags, old stockings, wool, material pieces, eggboxes, bread tags, tin tabs and bottle tops
Christmas Party

Christmas Party

We will be having class Christmas parties on 4 December. More information to follow.
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Beat the Heat

Please apply sunscreen to your children every morning and please feel free to let them wear hats school.
(Kindly mark hats)

We do apply additional sunscreen during the day.
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Please remember that school fees and swimming fees are payable in full in December.

All other extra murals are only payable from February to November.
Please note that reports will not be issued if there are any outstanding fees on your account. This includes payments for November and December.
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Tel. 011 827 7589
Tel. 011 824 4856
Emergencies only: 082 683 3127
We will be closing for our annual break at 18h00 on Friday 13 December 2019